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My name is img Jakub Maly, I am 28. In 2010 I finished doctoral studies at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, field of studies computer science - software systems.

During my studies at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, I carried out research in the fields of conceptual modelling, XML, OCL, integrity constraints, XML schema evolution and document adaptation. I presented my findings at several international conferences and journals. I enjoyed being in contact with prominent figures of the XML community and I hope to stay in touch with all of those great minds.

I defended my doctoral thesis "XML Document Adaptation and Integrity Constraints in XML" in Sep 2013 and was awarded with the degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Currently I work as a software engineer for Barclays Investment Bank.

If you're interested in my CV, just go to LinkedIn.

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Besides consulting for Utilities Systems (.NET, integration) and working for Barclays, I participated in these projects:

  • XSpec plugin for Team City - a plugin for a popular continuous integration platform, which allows you to test your XSL templates and XQuery queries, based on XSpec BDD framework
  • SchematronAssert - an assertions library that allows simple use of Schematron (not only) in Java unit tests
  • eXolutio - tool for conceptual modeling of XML data, maintaing XML schemas and specifications; .NET, WPF.
  • OclX - XSLT function library for checking integrity constraints in XML data
  • XCase - predecessor of eXolutio, several thousands of downloads counted by CodePlex.
  • OZE Modelation - tool for simulating sources of renewable energy and power plants. For more information and motivation see web pages of Czech branch of Eurosolar (in Czech). The tool was created to complement the publication Cesta k energetické svobodě (Towards Energy Independence).
  • CommandLine Parser Library - open source library for processing command line arguments, .NET 2.0.
  • Several web page scripts (published in programming PHP (in Czech) and programming ASP.NET (in Czech), e.g. paging in PHP and MySQL.
  • opendata.cz - initiative towards transparent data infrastructure (participation)


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